June 9, 2020

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Agile, it’s more than a framework

An Agile mindset can propel organisations to a place where they have the agility to not only react to changing market conditions (such as COVID-19) but to be leaders in their industry and be ahead of the curve.

By using an Agile Scrum framework, which is a tried and tested industry-standard method, you can produce real, tangible business value in a highly iteratively manner within tight timescales.

The Agile journey begins by presenting the benefits of Agile and establishing the building blocks on which it will sit. It moves on to coaching management and staff, helping develop the required solutions in an iterative way, and ultimately embedding an Agile mindset into the organisation.

Jumar has a long history of supporting clients in their investigation, adoption, and ongoing use of Agile methods in the development operations within their organisation.

By partnering with Jumar, we believe the benefits to an organisation go beyond the typical benefits that Agile offers, such as iterative development delivering business value early and of high quality, and the ability to react quickly and decisively when required. Our belief in Agile and how we can help an organisation embrace the Agile mindset and use it to greatly enhance its business is highly important to us.