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Why Jumar


Highly experienced team which has performed many complex cloud migrations


Strong Microsoft partnership provides access to support and funding for some project areas


Our team offers flexible access to cloud solution specialists with expertise at every stage of your cloud journey

What are your cloud and automation challenges?

  • Cloud spend has increased beyond original business case expectations.
  • There is a desire to close data centres and move to cloud services, but extra capability is needed for planning/execution.
  • A new service is planned and one option for hosting/infrastructure is cloud, help is needed for feasibility/delivery.
  • Automation of manual processes.

Our cloud and automation services

Jumar offers a range of Azure cloud reviews undertaken by a certified Azure Architect to help improve cost, performance, security, governance, and scalability.

Our assessments include reviews of architecture, landing zones, security, application performance as well as sustainability. 

Each assessment includes a review and presentation of key findings and personalised recommendations that consider your businesses current and future requirements. 

Providing you with a prioritised action plan for improvement and optimisation of your Azure Cloud.

Moving your software applications from on-premise infrastructure to the cloud can offer a multitude of benefits including increased scalability, flexibility, improved performance and cost savings.

Realising the benefits can be complicated, as the process of moving to the cloud is unique for every application and Jumar understands this and has a proven process to ensure a successful migration.

Jumar evaluates your current infrastructure, applications, and dependencies and assess the readiness, compatibility, and suitability for migration to the cloud.  

We construct a plan for moving your applications to the cloud, including the scoping requirements for an Azure landing zone that meets your performance, security, and compliance requirements.

Regardless of whether the migration to cloud is implemented as a “lift and shift” where we move an existing application and deploy it as-is, or refactor it in order to take full advantage of cloud-native features, we’ll ensure a smooth transition to the cloud and an application that works as expected in the new cloud environment.

Jumar develops cloud-native applications which are designed and built specifically to operate in a cloud environment. 

We build and manage applications following sustainable development best practices and utilising scalable architecture and automated tools for managing deployment, scaling, maintenance and testing. 

This enables us to leverage the benefits of cloud computing, delivering solutions with increased scalability, availability, resilience and flexibility, that are developed using security best practices.

Jumar can help you deliver more robust applications for your organisation, which are developed in a way that enables you to respond more rapidly to changing customer needs and business requirements.

Jumar undertakes a detailed analysis and review of your current Azure cloud costs, whilst considering your organisations current and future need.

We provide key findings and deliver personalised prioritised recommendations on opportunities to make cost savings and identify under and unused cloud resources to optimise your cloud costs, as well as highlighting the areas where you need to modernise your cloud estate in line with best practice.


Cloud automation is the implementation of cloud management tools to automate tasks – meaning that there is little need for human interference.

These automation tasks can include backing up data and eliminating unused processes. A cloud automation system can also help the scalability of your business, for instance, if you experience an influx of visitors on your site, you can rely on your cloud automation to auto-scale for the benefit of every user’s experience.

Cloud setups can be user-friendly and used immediately within your business but ensuring that they are automated is essential for the smooth running of your business processes. Having a cloud system without automation can lead to the unnecessary repeat of tasks, human error, and even security issues.

Ensuring you’re working with a business that can understand the benefit of cloud automation specifically for your business is essential for you to get the most out of your cloud-based systems.

There are many benefits that cloud automation can have for your business, including cost-saving measures, removing human error, and resolving security issues.

Here at Jumar, we are experts in organising and managing your cloud automation, specialising in complex migrations taking you from your existing structures to a cloud-based service which is both scalable and flexible for your business.