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Why Jumar


A focus on candidate experience that provides long-term benefits to our clients


Diverse shortlists are provided to allow clients to build more productive, creative teams


Imaginative approaches to solve client recruitment challenges, using the experience of Jumar’s extensive technology practice

Our technology recruitment services

Jumar collaborates closely with a diverse network of independent contractors spanning various technology, digital, and functional disciplines. Through our Customer Success team, Jumar provides substantial value, leveraging our in-house Technology Delivery team. This team is readily available to technically evaluate, assess, and assist in managing new contractors, enhancing the overall onboarding and support process.

To secure the best talent for your organisation, Jumar invests time in understanding and maximising your employer value proposition, ensuring high-quality candidate acquisition across diverse industries. Backed by our cutting-edge tools, techniques, and expertise, we specialise in engaging hard-to-find technology and digital professionals.

Jumar's Technology Executive Search capability is under the direct management and oversight of our CEO and one of our most seasoned Client Services Directors, both of whom have accumulated over 65 years of combined experience in sourcing, selecting, assessing, and presenting high-quality C-level candidates. They are further supported by a team of resourcing and technical professionals, employing a proven search methodology, and benefiting from in-house C-level technology domain expertise.

The rapid stand up of a project or scrum team is efficiently achieved through a single statement of work, tailored to support specific projects, programs, or peak demand periods. Diverging from conventional resourcing models, Jumar has the advantage of tapping into the proficiency of its own technology project delivery practitioners. Our experts leverage their insights into governance, project delivery, and technical know-how to seamlessly integrate resources into your projects, ensuring a cohesive and effective collaboration.


Specialist technology recruiters like Jumar possess in-depth knowledge of the tech industry, allowing us to understand your unique requirements and find candidates with the right technical skills. Jumar has a vast network of qualified professionals and can efficiently match your company with top talent, saving you time and ensuring a better fit for your technology needs.

Jumar’s in-house technology specialists can help pre-screen candidates, making the recruitment process more efficient, ensuring only the best candidates are shortlisted for your requirements. 

An executive search specialist brings valuable expertise to the recruitment process, especially for high-level technology roles. With refined search methodologies and access to an extensive executive talent pool, our executive search services secure top-tier candidates. Jumar’s focused approach ensures that you not only fill key positions but also secure leaders who align with your company's vision and strategic goals.

A Flexible Managed Service is a dynamic approach to technology recruitment that adapts to your company's evolving needs. It provides a scalable and customisable solution, allowing you to access recruitment services as required. This model is particularly beneficial in technology recruitment, where project timelines and staffing needs can vary. It combines the efficiency of managed services with the flexibility to tailor the recruitment process to your specific demands, ensuring optimal results and resource utilisation.