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Service offering

Building a thorough understanding of people’s needs, emotive engagement and behaviours is an essential element of delivering exceptional products and services. Jumar precisely achieves this through a variety of quantitative and qualitative research methodologies which assure quality of evidence and diversity in user sampling. Our teams gather insight and feedback from participants during the scoping, design, development and deployment stages, ensuring the end product or service is always aligned to your goals.

The best digital experiences enable a user to achieve their desired outcome intuitively and seamlessly – without having to think deeply on how to use the service. Whether ordering a product from a company, managing an account, or interacting with public sector bodies, understanding the user journey starts with one fundamental concept; it is vital to know how the constituent parts interact, meaning business processes are optimised and that all users (internal and external) have the most effective, efficient and enjoyable experience.

This multi-faceted discipline draws on the wide range of experience within Jumar. It combines our significant knowledge of psychology, product design, graphical/aesthetic interface design, human-computer interaction and information layout.  The result is a smooth, user-centric experience that is useful, accessible and satisfying to interact with, while supporting your design goals and promoting digital enablement.

Clarity of message is just as important as ease of use when engaging with your audience – whether they be customers, employees, stakeholders or service users from a range of backgrounds. Jumar ensures the written and visual language is tailored to the user journey, with a focus on storytelling and graphic design where appropriate. Our user centred design is underpinned by strong information architecture to ensure your contact with your audience is secure and reliable, as well as relatable and engaging.

Jumar takes the time to understand your products and services, and how you want your users to interact with you. We align your vision and goals with the perceptions and experiences of your customers to deliver an outstanding user journey.

Even the most elegant user interface is nothing if it can’t be used intuitively and seamlessly. We focus on existing and future projects to determine their usefulness and usability, and to evaluate how effectively they operate for a given set of users and tasks. Usability testing also guides strategic design decisions, allows support requirements to be anticipated, and informs future development.

Our approach

The wide range of activities involved in UX/UI design means there is never a one-size-fits-all solution. Jumar’s broad expertise, however, enables it to research, design, test and deploy the best user experience for our clients and their stakeholders. With specialist UX consultants working alongside our Development, Business Analysis and Architecture teams, we build the user journey into every aspect of the engagement.

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