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Why Jumar



Objective, technology agnostic testing consultancy designed to support your business and organisational goals



A flexible approach to testing, from a holistic managed service, specialist consultancy or the augmentation of an individual resource



Cost-effective approach, utilising areas such as automation to maximise value



A diverse range of experienced in-house test practitioners, highly skilled in determining the optimum approach for your circumstances

Service offering

A time-boxed review of current assurance and testing capabilities resulting in a comprehensive report containing recommendations and a roadmap for improvement.

The review assesses current test capabilities, practices and maturity across several key areas by undertaking interviews with key stakeholders across IT, Change and business teams.

An in-depth report is provided which details findings and delivers a clear set of recommendations that should be adopted to enable the test function to effectively deliver, scale to the needs of the business and embed quality throughout the software delivery lifecycle.

The testing of a public service according to the Service Manual aligned to GDS principles, typically covering quality assurance, performance testing, vulnerability and penetration testing, and exploratory testing.

This can provide an E2E testing capability for a project, or the delivery of specific testing services, based upon the requirements and the current capabilities within the organisation. This model aligns effectively to the GDS principles and ensures a comprehensive and fully traceable testing process.

A holistic approach to automation from initial strategy and recommended approach, through to the design, build and deployment of automation frameworks.

Using extensive experience within the team, Jumar supports organisations with deploying an effective test automation approach across a range of test automation tools. Jumar can deliver an approach from inception through to delivery, or by assessing current approaches and making recommendations for improvements where required. Our experience across different sectors and technologies enables us to define a test automation strategy which will drive application quality, test efficiency and reduce cost of ownership.

Test automation can also be delivered as a managed service and to support your delivery model, which aligns to your budget and provides a solution which is both scalable where needed, but also provides a longer term and robust approach to delivery and maintenance.

Delivery of testing services covering device compatibility and accessibility including cross browser, localisation, accessibility, regression, and exploratory testing.

This ensures that testing across physical devices and test labs aligns to usage and analytics, and delivers a test approach which is practical, cost effective and provides the level of quality assurance required.

Delivery of a complete suite of testing services covering integration, system integration, regression and acceptance testing.

Jumar's approach ensures that requirements are clearly understood, testable and can be measured in an effective manner. The testing undertaken will cover a number of key areas including, smoke testing, integration testing, white box and black box testing, regression testing and user acceptance testing.

Our approach ensures that defects are detected early. Through understanding requirements clearly, any ambiguity is quickly resolved and an effective test framework is defined and delivered.

A framework for the delivery of testing and third party assurance across enterprise-scale programmes, from test strategy definition through to delivery.

Jumar has the experience and ability to define and implement organisation level test strategy, which will effectively align to the objectives of the organisation in terms of quality, methodology and effective measurement. Our experience enables us to embed testing within the software delivery model and ensure that this is adopted consistency across all types of delivery, from transformational programmes, project deliveries and small changes.

Such a model ensures that a consistent and repeatable approach to testing is undertaken, delivering efficiency, value for money and ensures that all the benefits of a common and well-defined approach to testing are gained across all areas of the organisation.

Delivering a performance testing approach that is embedded through the entire delivery lifecycle.

We have the expertise to provide an approach which effectively measures and assesses application stability, scalability and response times which aligns to the core needs of the business. The approach taken is to understand application technology and to define an approach to testing, which ensures that performance testing is embedded throughout the delivery lifecycle and is considered from the outset in terms of clearly articulated and measurable performance requirements.

Our approach

Whether we are deploying our own tooling and recommending a methodology, or integrating with yours, Jumar adopts a partnership-focused, outcome-based approach.

Jumar engages to understand your strategic and organisational objectives, to ensure any solution meets the needs of your organisation, be it the augmentation of a specialist testing resource or a full testing managed service. 

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