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Why Jumar


Utilise an experienced, flexible, and scalable UK-led IT software development team that can be tailored to meet the needs of your business.


A proven track record in running multi-centre scaled agile projects and working on the development of complex platforms and systems.


Secure software development built to ISO 90001 standards.

Solving your software development challenges


Resource capacity and capability

You don’t have enough internal development resources to meet the demands of your software development programme. Or you don’t have the right in-house skills to realise the benefits of modern technologies.

Technical complexity

Modern applications integrate with a range of technologies, platforms, and APIs. How are you coping with managing technical complexity and ensuring compatibility of applications?

Performance optimisation and scalability

Are your business applications optimised for speed and efficiency? Are your customers satisfied with their current performance? Are you confident that your applications will be able to handle increases in users and workloads and be able to scale to support the growth of your business?

Not benefitting from modern technology

Are you falling behind your competition because you’re not making the most of the modern technologies, like moving to the cloud? Is this holding back growth and innovation?

Our software development services

Minimising cost and managing risk, our highly experienced teams operate within a distributed Agile model, utilising a diverse range of technology. The right-fit solution may include support from our Architecture team, to undertake discovery of your application estate, creating a roadmap to allow you to achieve your business goals. Using a custom software outsourcing company, like us, can help you achieve your digitalisation goals through enhanced end-to-end processes.

Always aligned to support your priorities, we help you maximise best-of-breed technologies to transform and cloud-enable existing applications, creating new digital engagement channels, allowing you to maximise operational throughput and quality through automation and cutting-edge tools and techniques.

Though our governance model is adaptive towards technology, we major in Java, Microsoft technologies (.Net, D365, Power Platform), PHP/Drupal, Angular, React and mobile development (native and framework-based).

Helping you understand your customers’ needs and how they engage with your products. Understanding how a service is used and the business processes that support it. Ensuring a smooth, user-centric experience that is useful, accessible, and satisfying to interact with. Jumar can help your business put users at the heart of your product development.

Jumar can help your business move its applications into the cloud. We assess the options and will recommend the best solution for cloud migration for your business.

Our experienced software development team build native cloud applications and our delivery team ensure a smooth transition from on-premises to the cloud without disruption to your ongoing business operations.

Our teams are experienced in supporting the journey to both Azure and AWS Cloud.

Bridging the gap between outsourced/outcome-based delivery and the augmentation of skilled IT resources, Jumar’s DEVaaS offering sees small, ready-formed, high-performing teams being deployed to specific areas of your development programme. Teams are equipped with all the necessary tooling to support their development, QA and governance activities in a fully Agile manner.

Jumar can help with improving the efficiency of your development operation, reduce downtime and outages, improve product quality, and achieve faster product time-to-market through the introduction of DevOps into your software development process.


We have experience in various software tools including C#, Java, React, and Angular. Our test processes can be manual or automated through Selenium, Lambdatest. SoapUI, Postman and others.  From a workflow point of view, we use Azure DevOps, Jira, Github and other popular tools when needed by clients.

We can work with you to identify the best approach to mobile software development, such as web apps with responsive design, cross platform mobile applications, through framework mobile apps, to dedicated native apps that utilise the full potential of the mobile device with offline capability. Once the approach is understood we can work to any of these models to deliver, and if necessary, support a mobile application through design, deployment and evolution.

Jumar can utilise any methodology desired by the client, however by default we would deliver via a Scrum approach in 2-week sprints. This approach is heavily represented within our development standards, and backed up by all Jumar staff being agile certified.

Within a project where the delivery is closer to a PoC or support, then Jumar will typically default to a Kanban approach.

Jumar works in a number of models from augmentation, where as a client you fully manage the day to day work allocated to the staff, a managed augmentation model, where typically governance and senior technical roles are sourced from our permanent UK team and balance is drawn from our Offshore Development Centres and partners, through to a full outcome basis where Jumar assumes all responsibility.

In addition to roles such as Product Owner, teams running as managed augmentation and outcome-based also frequently include members of the client organisation in either development or testing roles. As Jumar assumes a level of responsibility (either at sprint or project level), we would discuss the process and frequently look for all team members to adhere to the Jumar standard/process.

Jumar has both near-shore and offshore development capability based within the EEA and in Vietnam, across all technology capabilities. On request, both groups can and do work aligned to UK hours if required.

Jumar also works with partner organisations in Europe and India should a burst capability or a specific non-core technology demand be raised.