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Our Strategy & Consulting services

You’ve moved your infrastructure into the Cloud, now it’s time to ensure that your Azure infrastructure is optimised across the five-pillars of architectural excellence - cost, security, reliability, high-performance and resilience. 

Jumar offers an Azure Well-Architected Review undertaken by a certified Azure Architect in-line with Microsoft best practices. 

We complete a detailed analysis and review of your current Azure cloud and ensure your business context is considered in workload architecture decisions and that they influence trade-offs between performance, costs and reliability that is right for your business.

We then provide a review and insight into your infrastructure and personalised recommendations on how to optimise your Azure architecture, together with a prioritised action plan for improvement and optimisation of your Azure Cloud.

Jumar undertakes a high-level review of the entire software development lifecycle to assess how well the software development processes meet the current needs of the organisation and its scalability to meet the needs of an increase in development projects.  

The assessment includes an analysis of how the organisation undertakes project inception and management, a review of agile processes, internal and third-party development processes, testing and deployment procedures, and security and governance.

Jumar benchmarks these against accepted industry best practices and our experience of delivering engagements and reviews across similar sectors and operating models.

We provide an analysis of our key findings together with a set of prioritised recommendations to deliver improvements to the software development lifecycle. This helps organisations improve their internal development capability and processes, achieve better visibility and governance across all projects and deliver a more cost-effective development process and improvements in delivery quality and timeliness.

Jumar undertakes a review and assessment of your current testing capability, using the TMMi model as a reference point. The review covers a number of key areas to determine your organisations test maturity level.

Jumar presents a report detailing your current test maturity and includes prioritised recommendations and a roadmap to improve your test maturity to better meet your needs and to move towards a quality engineering ethos.

Jumar undertakes an architecture review of your software applications and systems to assess how they well they can meet current and future business requirements and their alignment with current best practice.

We review the current state of your systems including the architecture, the key elements of your applications and solutions, and the technology that they use and develop an understanding of the organisation’s future vision.

A modernisation strategy with a high-level plan is developed on how to achieve the improvements, taking into consideration the value of modernisation and costs.

We help prepare the organisation to be in a better position to meet future challenges and maximise opportunities.


Technology consultants can be a great way of ensuring your business is getting the most out of your applications, systems, and software when you don’t have the in-house expertise. 

Our knowledge at Jumar means that we can provide you with tailored, custom solutions that work for your business, as well as the planning, strategy, and support through our end-to-end process offering. 

Technology consultants can offer end-to-end support and management for your software and application needs. By working with you to adjust the way you use technology, a tech consultant can help you cut costs, drive scalable growth, and maximise the potential of your technology. 

Some typical offerings can include: 

  • Risk assessment analysis.
  • System migration.
  • Infrastructure planning. 
  • Bespoke software development for your business needs.

A technology strategy is best for ensuring that your business isn’t at risk of falling behind any competition or becoming a victim to legacy systems which don’t benefit your business. 

Some benefits of a technology strategy can include:

  • Improving customer experience through better technology and user interfaces.
  • Integrating systems for a more cohesive, smooth business process.
  • Improving the scalability and flexibility of your business with technology which can support and enhance your business objectives.
  • Avoid safety risks brought on by legacy systems and applications which might encourage cybersecurity attacks.  

A tech consultant can offer support for a wide range of technological issues, including IT infrastructure, cybersecurity, and project management. 

A cloud consultant is someone familiar with all aspects of cloud-based systems, and able to provide specific support, management, and troubleshooting for cloud computer system migrations.