September 21, 2022

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Delivering social value through supporting the next generation

With businesses investing in more robust social value strategies, it’s more important than ever to show commitment to the local community. Businesses should be looking for ways to increase the positive difference they make and one way to demonstrate this commitment is to recruit apprentices from your local area, playing a key part in developing the next generation.  

Apprentices can fill skills gaps in a business, help meet social value objectives and allows companies to really nurture the next generation of talent. Often, people who apply for apprenticeships are genuinely interested in the role and can bring new energy and creative ideas to a business. Apprentices are keen to make an impression and have a fresh outlook for problem-solving which can help organisations consider solutions from a different perspective.

Just over eight months ago, Liam Lowe joined Jumar. Before joining the business, Liam didn’t have any office experience, his time at school was hugely hindered by COVID, leaving Liam to research opportunities from home with his business qualification. After seeing the job advertisement online, Liam felt his qualities were a strong match for the role and after going through the interview process, Liam was offered an 18-month apprenticeship in business administration.

Like most apprenticeships, Liam spends 80% of his time working for Jumar and one day a week studying, which consists of tutor calls and coursework managed by the team on the Blossomfield Campus at Solihull College.

During his four days at Jumar, Liam works between the office and at home where he receives ongoing support from his line manager Julie Pettigrew and his wider team. When Liam joined the business, he was very open and honest about his confidence levels, sharing that they were not where he wanted them to be. Just over eight months later, Liam shared that his confidence has vastly improved, he has a positive attitude toward work and has trust in his own abilities. Liam mentioned that the reason behind this was the team at Jumar who have been welcoming, inclusive and nothing but supportive. In the next six months of the apprenticeship, Liam hopes to build on the foundations, take further ownership of his work and develop further in his business administration position.

Julie Pettigrew, PA to CEO / Admin Manager at Jumar comments: “For me, taking on apprentices is really important and all about giving back to the community, offering school leavers the opportunity to further their education, whilst simultaneously working. Liam has been a breath of fresh air, his work ethic is amazing and his confidence has certainly grown since we took him on. I receive nothing but praise from colleagues about Liam’s work, he has a very proactive approach and often comes up with new ideas. I am looking forward to supporting Liam with the final months of his apprenticeship and watching him grow and blossom.”

Liam shares: “I have developed so much in the first eight months of my apprenticeship that colleagues now reach out for my help and support! If anyone like me, is considering an apprenticeship I would say go for it, it’s the best thing I’ve ever done.”