June 9, 2021

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Talent Acquisition

Growing demand for technology talent

What a difference a few months make in the world of recruitment! As we entered the second wave of the Covid pandemic, the job market inevitably suffered, and organisations were naturally reluctant to recruit people amid all the uncertainty. Conversely, the number of candidates applying for positions increased and employers were able to take their time going through the recruitment process, with the general lack of competition in the market.

Fast forward a couple of months and the market has changed dramatically in the favour of the candidate. In line with the economic recovery, business confidence continues to grow – meaning projects which were temporarily put on hold due to Covid, have resumed and new projects are initiated. This is leading to a sharp rise in the number of technology vacancies.

Suddenly candidates are being presented with greater opportunity and are often finding that they are in the favourable position of having a choice of which role to accept… something that was unheard of as we entered the new year heading for another lockdown.

So how can you recruit the best candidates right now?

Be ready to engage

Ensure that roles are signed off internally before you go to market. Being ready to engage when you find the perfect candidate is vital. Some organisations prefer to test the waters by seeing what the market is like before signing the role off internally. Doing this, risks a perfect candidate no longer being available by the time you have gone through the internal approval process. Instead, work with a recruitment partner who can advise on the ever-changing dynamics of the market.


Make sure your recruitment processes are as quick and efficient as they can be. The best candidates are usually off the market within 10 days, so speed is of the essence. Candidates are likely to be interviewed for multiple opportunities, so the quicker you can get to the offer stage, the better chance you have of getting the best candidates. A good recruitment partner can help you optimise your processes to be quicker and more flexible when needed.

Employer Value Proposition

With multiple stakeholders involved in the recruitment process, it is important to ensure that everyone in the process is emphasising the organisation’s Employer Value Proposition. Focus on the organisation’s culture and values, and the benefits for employees – such as learning, growth and development opportunities to really make the role attractive to candidates.


As with most things, communication is key to making sure that both candidates and managers are armed with the relevant information to enable the best outcome for all parties. With most companies focusing on business-as-usual activities, communication during the recruitment process can often take a back seat. Working with an experienced, trusted recruitment partner removes this management overhead and ensures that everyone involved, is fully informed of progress and kept ‘in the loop’.

If you are looking to attract top technology talent or need more information about the current market conditions get in touch.