August 4, 2023

1 minutes

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How to Exploit Microsoft's Power Platform's Latest Developments

In a rapidly evolving business landscape, organisations are constantly seeking ways to achieve efficiency, cost reduction, and automation. One platform that has gained significant attention is Microsoft’s Power Platform.

Jumar’s Power Platform specialists hosted a webinar to explore the advancements in Microsoft's Power Platform. Nick Hill, Jumar's Microsoft Practice Lead, discussed how tools like Power Platform AI Builder have made intelligent automation more accessible to organisations, with significantly reduced investment.

The webinar provided valuable insights into the potential of Power Platform in driving business transformation. By embracing low-code tools, organisations can unlock new opportunities for incremental improvements and leverage the expertise of frontline employees. With its comprehensive suite of services and capabilities, Power Platform offers a compelling alternative to traditional automation tools, empowering organisations to achieve greater efficiency, cost optimisation, and user-led digital transformation. As the business landscape continues to evolve, Power Platform stands as a versatile and accessible solution for organisations seeking to stay ahead of the curve.

Watch the on-demand webinar recording here.