February 1, 2022

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Jumar accelerates environmental and social value commitment

A major project to revolutionise Jumar’s impact on the environment, communities and society as a whole, has gathered pace with the adoption of a number of ambitious projects.

Jumar has formalised its commitment to environmental and social value by publishing its formal carbon reduction plan.  This has been enhanced by the implementation of an independently audited platform to quantify its impact on society and allow realistic targets to be set. 

The tool has projected that the delivered value will be equivalent to £1.4 million per year by July 2022.

It is the culmination of several months of measurement, analysis and process definition – and enables Jumar to consistently monitor progress in achieving its Net Zero ambitions while maximising its value to communities.

The company’s carbon reduction plan sets out targets to continue reducing its Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions by measuring these against the Greenhouse Gas Protocol – with regular reporting of its progress. Measures include a complete review of its supply chain, working practices and business travel trends to identify where reductions in emissions can be made.

Jumar has also signed up to the Government’s SME Climate hub which requires all signatories to commit to achieving Net Zero by 2050 – however, its ambitious targets to reduce emissions by 10% per year sets the company on the right track to achieve this much, much sooner.

Initiatives have recently included a switch to sustainable power suppliers, and the use of software to monitor energy consumption in cloud-based software solutions and remote data centres.

Environmental improvements are just one part of the company’s social value initiative. Jumar is also assessing its overall social value contribution using the National TOMs framework, which quantifies the benefit delivered in five categories: jobs, growth, social initiatives, environmental improvements and innovation. 

To ensure that these measures continue to be backed up with real and tangible activities, a social value committee has been formed, bringing together staff from various departments, backgrounds and interests. Its aim is to expand the range of social and environmental initiatives undertaken in the company, and that it constantly evolves to maximise Jumar’s social value.

Andy Holmes, Jumar’s Commercial Services Director says “We’ve always been proud of the social value that we deliver to our industry, networks and community – but wanted to take this step to formally monitor and quantify our successes. 

Even though we’re not a huge consumer of energy and products, nor do we produce goods and products, but we recognise the importance of achieving Net Zero as soon as possible, and the best way of doing that, is to understand how big our carbon footprint is.

“That will allow us to plan for the future, but also tie it in to other, wider, social value projects – where, because of our adoption of new measuring tools, we can now demonstrate that we have delivered almost £1.5m of value to our communities and society as a whole”.

See more information in Jumar’s Carbon Reduction Plan – and for more information about its social value initiative, please contact enquiries@jumar.co.uk.