August 4, 2021

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Jumar affirms its commitment to social value

Jumar affirms its commitment to social value through adopting an independent measurement and auditing tool.

Jumar has reinforced its commitment to embedding social values into its businesses, by partnering with Social Value Portal to measure the social value it creates for the community.

Social Value Portal is the market leader in social value measurement and reporting. The tool helps organisations calculate their impact in terms of environmental, social and economic contributions. It uses a regularly updated framework, designed in conjunction with the National Social Value Taskforce, to not only measure social value, but also provide feedback and drive the discussion within private, public and third sectors. 

From 1st January 2021, all government contracts now carry a minimum of 10% social value weighting with a measurement framework based on a series of Themes, Outcomes and Metrics (TOMs). The Social Value Portal will provide independent verification and measurement of Jumar’s investment in these themes, and their value to society. Aligning Jumar’s Social Value Policy with the National TOMs will also provide a robust framework to support target-setting and continuous improvement – but most importantly, ensuring that the company is supporting people and communities.

Wendy Morgan, CEO, Jumar commented“It is great to announce our partnership with Social Value Portal. By using the tool, we’ll be able to measure and analyse the value we add to local communities and use this as a benchmark for driving continuous improvements. We look forward to strengthening our social value policy to further enhance our social value contribution in the future.”