Recruiting and training specialist IT graduates

Here at Jumar, we helped Capgemini find specialist IT Graduates who could hit the ground running and make a real change.

The client needed

A team of software developers for a number of projects, skilled in both mainstream Java development and the legacy software development tool Gen.

The IT graduate team would be aligned with Capgemini’s working practices and company culture and must be able to ‘hit the ground running’.

Jumar delivered

Assessment Days

The Assessment Days were held over a three-week period and were organised by Jumar’s Birmingham-based recruitment team. The days involved a range of written and practical tasks to assess the ‘whole person’ and give a strong indication of technical capability and cultural fit with the Capgemini working dynamic.


This was underpinned using ThomasTM assessments, which gave a thorough insight into the IT graduates' logical reasoning and mental agility using a range of scientifically proven assessments carried out under controlled conditions.

A Bespoke Academy

Successful candidates were then selected for a more formal interview process, with seven finally enrolled in a 12-week training academy organised by Jumar and held at specially designed training premises at Jumar’s main base in the West Midlands.

The Academy followed a syllabus designed by Jumar’s in-house software development experts, who have worked directly with Capgemini over the years, ensuring an effective alignment to the projects and their ultimate aims.

An Employed Consultant Model

In this case, the graduates remained Jumar employees under our Employed Consultant Model. This provided them with an excellent start to their career allowing them to work on large, long-term projects with Capgemini, and substantial opportunities for further challenging assignments.

The client benefited by experiencing no increase in permanent headcount as well as no additional HR overhead or other associated costs. They also had the reassurance that the resources would be on-site for at least twelve months.

Benefits include

  • Removes the client’s headache of identifying, selecting, testing and interviewing candidates for a number of specific projects
  • Resources guaranteed to have appropriate skills and be available within an agreed timescale
  • Low cost of training, due to Jumar’s existing relationships with training providers to supplement our own training capability
  • Confidence: Candidates are assessed by proven assessments, and by Jumar’s team of technical experts
  • Graduates are carefully managed by Jumar, ensuring a smooth transition into working life
  • No increase in permanent headcount, as resources are employed by Jumar

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