July 22, 2020

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SharePoint 2010 workflow retirement

In Microsoft’s continual drive to deliver greater productivity tools across Office 365, they have been investing heavily in their power platform. Power Automate, part of the platform, is designed to automate processes across Microsoft’s suite of solutions as well as third-party applications.

As a result of this new focus, Microsoft have announced that they will retire SharePoint 2010 workflows for all SharePoint environments within Office 365 as of 1st November 2020.

The retirement of these built-in SharePoint 2010 workflows will impact businesses using Office 365 and their ability to carry-out document or page group approvals, collect feedback and digital signatures as well as track high volumes of issues or items (three-state workflow). Any customised workflows that have been created in-house or developed by a third party, will also be affected.

Due to the successful automation of tasks and processes in SharePoint, these workflows will have been used by many organisations using SharePoint 2010 and in some cases SharePoint 2013.


Whilst there is the option to migrate these workflows to SharePoint 2013, to future-proof your business, we advise that you consider migrating SharePoint 2010 workflows to Power Automate or explore other suitable alternatives.

To understand how the SharePoint 2010 workflow retirement will truly affect your business, first conduct a review to determine what workflows you are currently using, where and how often.

How can Jumar help?

Jumar has developed a Free of Charge script that automatically identifies all SharePoint 2010 workflows used in your organisation and where they are located. This script can be used by your in-house team or if your organisation requires support, Jumar can run the script for you to create a report.

Jumar are already supporting several clients to react quickly to this new development. If your organisation is working with a reduced workforce, currently amid other time-sensitive projects, or simply require SharePoint services contact us.