September 15, 2022

1 minutes

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Tackling the challenges of CA Gen systems

As customer expectations increase and technology advances at pace, it can be difficult for organisations using legacy CA Gen applications to quickly adapt to change and maintain their competitive edge.

Jumar’s CA Gen specialists hosted a webinar to support senior IT decision makers looking to address a range of technical difficulties, providing an overview of the current marketplace along with key insights into the impact that legacy technology currently has.

During the webinar, the CA Gen specialists discussed a range of strategies that can be employed to address key challenges such as resourcing, cost of ownership, minimising risk, moving to the cloud, knowledge retention, as well as accessing data to gain a holistic view of your business and its customers, amongst others. Whether businesses are looking to migrate from CA Gen or plan to continue its use, these approaches consider what can be done to achieve the required business objective and give examples of how they have been employed successfully by other organisations.

Watch the on-demand webinar recording.