May 24, 2021

1 minutes

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Women in Technology: Lynne Bailey

In the first interview in our Women in Technology series, Lorraine Rourke speaks to Lynne Bailey, Chief Data Officer at KPMG. They discuss Lynne’s career journey and her biggest achievements to date. Lynne also talks about getting her voice heard in a male-dominated environment and what advice she would give her younger self.


Everyone is talking about data, but actually we are all talking about it slightly different ways.

Women in Technology Roundtable

We recently held a Women in Technology roundtable which was attended by a range of senior figures in technology from a variety of public sector organisations including NHS Digital, Homes England, the Department for Education, and the Department for Work and Pensions. The event focussed on supporting the next generation of women in technology.

Read the key takeaways.

Take part in our series

If you would like to take part in our Women in Technology interview series or attend the next Women in Technology Roundtable, please get in touch.