September 9, 2021

2 minutes

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Women in Technology: Alison Williams

The next interview in our Women in Technology series features Alison Williams, Global Head of Data at dunnhumby, a customer-centric data science company.

After studying Modern Political and Economic History at university, Alison was thrown in the deep end with her first role as a Data Engineer on dunnhumby’s graduate programme. Following a crash course in coding, a stint in Chicago managing the North America Data Team, and a short break for parental leave, Alison now heads up the global data team.

In this interview, Alison talks about her career journey including the career-defining moment she had early on in her career, as well as the challenges of being a senior woman, working part-time, in a very male-dominated industry.

When asked what advice she would give her younger self, Alison reflected on the different perspectives she brings and her ability to challenge things in a different way to those around her, ultimately leading to a different discussion and a more robust decision. So her advice is, rather than questioning your differences and being conscious of those, embrace them and find a way that you can add value because of those differences.

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